22nd September 2021


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+44 1613025953

Do Not Answer

Scam: Spam Caller
Number: +44 1613025953

Do not answer as they are suspected, spam callers.

Please do not give any personal or bank details to any of these callers as they have been listed as Spam Callers and may try to get personal information from you. Unless you are 100% certain that they are not a Spam Caller.


  • Do Consider putting an app on your phone to block spam callers ringing.
  • Do hang up on illegal robocalls.
  • Do slow down and ask questions of telemarketers. Legitimate businesses and charities will answer questions and give you time to consider a purchase or donation. Scam callers will pressure you to commit right away.
  • Do research the charities, Travel Companies and business before committing to anything.


  • Don’t answer or return any international number you do not know.
  • Don’t answer any calls from unknown callers.
  • Don’t give any personal or bank details over the phone.
  • Don’t make any payments by Gift Cards.

Please remember there is phone numbers out there that we have not reported! 

If you have spotted a scam and we have not reported on it then please share it with us. Click here to report a scam.

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